Welcome to Room 1!


The week of 9/14: We read some stories about Corduroy the bear. We are beginning a physical science unit about how the properties of materials can be observed, measured, and predicted. In math, we are counting objects, representing numbers in writing, making models to solve problems and comparing numbers to 10. 
RAZ Kids is a wonderful technology resource that you can use to help your child read hundreds of books at their own reading level. Your child will be coming home next week with a letter about RAZ Kids and how to access this amazing literacy resource from home. 
Highlights of the week:
  • Kaiser Permanente Theatre came to McKinley and performed a wonderful play called Jay and E and the Zigzag Sea. It was an engaging performance that promoted reading. The students were each given a book to take home after the performance. 
  • In the STEM lab, students learned that technology is something that people design that solves a problem. Engineers are people who design technology to solve problems. Students were challenged to move stuffed animals from one table to another using a variety of materials. They worked together to solve the problem. They are engineers! 
Next week we will be:
  • Beginning our apples unit 
  • Beginning RAZ Kids 
  • Continuing our science unit about observing the properties of materials.
  • Making models and comparing numbers to 15.
  • Reading about fall and the change of seasons.


Pout Pout Fish Goes to School

Room 1 loves this book. We especially love to recite the chant:
Fact 1: We are smart!
Fact 2: We can get it!
Fact 3: We belong!
Fact 4: We won't forget it!