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Code of Conduct

McKinley School Code of Conduct
This code was developed by students, parents, teachers and the principal of McKinley School.  The goal of this code is to develop and maintain pride in ourselves, our school, and our community.  By working together, we will make McKinley School safe, clean, and orderly at all times.
Basic Code of Conduct
All McKinley students are expected to assume responsibility for their own actions and to follow these four basic rules:
  1. Show respect to others and property
  2. Use good language
  3. Play Safely
  4. If you have a concern, tell a teacher or other adult
In addition to the above Code of Conduct and the District’s suspension and expulsion rules and regulations, we have developed other guidelines to help students in their daily lives at McKinley School.  They are as follows:
Daily school attire should be neat, clean, cover undergarments, and conform to safety standards. Academic Attire includes:
  • Solid color collared shirt
  • Solid color pants, short, shirts
  • Shoes with closed toe and closed heel
  • Hats and sweatshirt hoods may be worn outdoors only
Please refer to the San Gabriel Unified School District Dress Code for additional information in this area. 
Toys from Home
With the permission of the teacher, parents may send a toy with their child for the purpose of sharing time in class and the classroom teacher will decide if a child may take the toy to recess.
  • All other toys, including but not limited to trading cards, electronic games and devices of any kind, are not permitted at school.
  • McKinley Elementary School provides equipment to be used at recess.  Balls and other sport equipment may not be brought from home.
General Behavior
  • If you have a concern or a problem, tell a teacher or other adult.
  • Keep hands and feet to self.
  • Walk in the hallways.
  • Use restrooms appropriately.
  • Line up promptly and safely when recess ends.  Get drinks of water before the bell rings.
  • Walk bikes on campus.  Each student must have his/her own bike lock.
  • Keep toys and valuables at home.
  • Students are not permitted to have gum at school.
  • Play in designated areas.
  • Skateboards, skates, and scooters are not allowed because of safety issues.
  • Students must leave the campus promptly at dismissal time.
  • Those students eating breakfast at school may arrive no earlier than 7:45 a.m.
  • All other students may arrive no earlier than 8:00 a.m.
Behavior in the Cafeteria
  • Students are expected to behave in a quiet and mannerly fashion.
  • All trash is to be placed in the trash containers.
  • Students are to sit at their assigned tables.
  • Students must get permission from the supervisors to use the restroom.
  • Students must respect and follow directions of the duty supervisors.
Behavior in the Library
  • Returned books should be put in the appropriate area of the desk.
  • Books may be checked out for 7 days and then renewed.
  • Students must write their full names and room numbers on the checkout cards.
  • Students must have a library pass to use the library during class time.
  • Parents will be charged for lost or damaged library books and textbooks.
  • Students who have lost or damaged a book may not check out more books until the lost book has been paid for.