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Spanish Dual Language Immersion

Dual Language classrooms are integrated with a balanced number of English and heritage and native Spanish speaking students. Our Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program at McKinley Elementary follows a 90/10 research based model. 
90/10 Model:
In transitional kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade, students learn Spanish for the majority of their day: 90% of instruction is delivered in Spanish, while 10% is provided in English. As each year progresses after first grade, the time in English instruction increases by 10% per year to attain a 50% Spanish and 50% English ratio by 5th grade. Students begin formal English literacy instruction in 3rd grade. By the 5th grade, instruction is evenly divided between Spanish and English. This graph illustrates the percentage of Spanish instruction and English instruction.
Spanish chart
Our Spanish Dual Immersion program is a great success and serves over 140 students from grades K - 5.  We started with the Dual Immersion kindergarten class in 2014 and have expanded it year.  We are excited to continually add to it each year with the most up to date curriculum and programs.  We have promoted 2 classes to the Jefferson Middle School so far with students earning the Elementary Biliteracy Seal Award.

This cutting edge program will afford the opportunity for native English speaking students and native speakers of other languages to learn Spanish!  The students will receive instruction in both Spanish and English throughout the day in core academic areas. Dual Immersion Programs have been gaining in popularity nationwide recently and research has overwhelmingly indicated the benefits of such programs. Some of the benefits are:
  • Students develop a high level of literacy in their primary language and in a second language.
  • Students demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors.
  • Research has shown that student in Dual Immersion Kindergarten Programs have an increased level of achievement on Standardized Tests throughout their elementary experience.
  • Cognitive development and critical thinking skills are utilized and well developed by learning a second language at an early age.

McKinley’s Dual Immersion Kindergarten Program will be open to students from within the San Gabriel Unified School District and surrounding school districts. Many parents from surrounding areas have already decided to enroll their children in the program from outside of the San Gabriel Unified School District. There are still a few spaces still available in our program, so if you are interested or you would like more information please contact McKinley Elementary at (626) 288-6861 or click here.