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Newcomers Class

The purpose of the Newcomers Class at McKinley School is to prepare students, who are new to the country, a successful transition into U.S. schools, community, and culture through challenging academics aligned with the Common Core State Standards while at the same time providing English language skills through accelerated instruction necessary for educational success.

Students in 3rd-5th grade will receive full-day English language instruction in multi-grade, self-contained classroom.  The teacher in the Newcomer classroom provides intensive English development and literacy instruction for a transitional time period to prepare students to transition to mainstream classrooms.

Newcomers Class instruction will focus on oral and written language development by immersing students in content and language.  A balanced literacy instruction including: foundational reading skills, word study, reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing skills, punctuation and grammar will be given.  Social Studies and Science contents will be integrated in the reading instruction.  Moreover, students will have the opportunities to use English language to express their ideas through group discussions, partner talk, and project presentation.

The program will utilize the In the U.S.A. adoption that engages newcomers with authentic activities to develop basic language and vocabulary skills.  It provides explicit early literacy skill instruction, and scaffolds all learning with visual support.

In math, students will utilize the McGraw-Hill:  My Math adoption.  Instruction will focus on developing a conceptual understanding of the basic math as students use the academic vocabulary.  Students will learn procedural skills and develop fluency, as well as applying mathematical concepts in the real-world situations.

          Program Highlights:

  • National Geographic School Publishing: In the U.S.A.
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Technology
  • Specialized Teacher
  • Provide explicit vocabulary development of content area words
  • Learn the five major component of reading
  • Promote oral language development and interaction
  • Assistance in adjusting to American schools and culture
  • Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE)
  • Safe Learning Environment