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Math Intervention

This will be year 1 for math intervention at McKinley School. The program will utilize the intervention piece from the My Math adoption entitled Number World. It is a highly engaging, teacher- led program that was built upon rigorous common core state standards. It will be a "pull out*" program of approximately 6 students in a group. Students who will participate in this intervention program have been selected based upon the 2015/16 math report card grades as well as teacher recommendation. The program will consist of an initial diagnostic assessment which will determine which math group each student will participate in during intervention.


This program is designed to help struggling math learners in response to intervention tiers 2 and 3 achieve math success and bring them up to grade level by targeting the most important standards. We will meet for 30 minute sessions daily, utilizing manipulatives, building blocks which is the online component, and the student workbook which includes developmental activities to help students acquire higher- order thinking skills as well as practice basic skills. 




Nina DeLuccia, an elementary teacher and an employee of the San Gabriel Unified School District for the last eighteen years, will be teaching the McKinley Math Intervention Program. 
* pull-out: teaching strategy which involves releasing students from their classroom to provide them additional intervention.