McKinley Elementary School

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Student Belongings - Pickup Schedule


We will have tables outside of the MPR with your child's belongings on top.  Please briefly exit your vehicle to pick up the items and return your car.  There will be a bin for any library books to return.   There will also be a pallet for any textbook returns.  Below is the schedule.



May 27

3rd  grade students

9-10am – Mrs. Hunt

10-11am – Mrs. Wang

11-12pm – Mrs. Anton

12-1pm – Mrs. Medrano


May 28

2nd grade students

9-10am – Mrs. Ramirez

10-11am – Mrs. Perry

11-12pm – Ms. Fisher

12-1pm - Mrs. Praslin

May 29

1st  grade students

9-10am – Mrs. Singer

10-11am – Ms. Borrayo

11-12pm – Ms. Dizon

12-1pm - Mrs. Cova


4th grade

9-10am – Ms. Phan

10-11am – Mrs. Sunabe/Xing-He

11-12pm – Mrs. O’Neal/Romaine

12-1pm - Ms. Ortiz

June 2

TK/K /SDC grade students

9-10am – Mrs. Bradley

10-11am – Mrs. Reid

11-12pm – Mrs. Williford

12-1pm – Mrs. Gomez

1-2pm – Mrs. Banouvong

2-3pm- Mrs. Perales

 June 3


5th/Newcomer students

11-12pm – Ms. Bucey

12-1pm – Mrs. Reyes

1-2pm – Ms. Jimenez

2-3pm – Mrs. Gee

3-4pm - Mrs. Wente